It's time to change

Both new and existing buildings today require an access control, satisfying a set of requirements: easy to install, wireless, easy to manage by the user himself and a high level of security. ASSA ABLOY answers all these requirements with its product range SMARTair™.

SMARTair™ is an access control ahead on his time, wireless, with handle on plate and integrated card reader.  The system is easy to install and program, available in four versions to satisfy every need.

A good security system should be as invisible as the air to its users. The freedom to go anywhere you ought to be able to is essential – but just as importantly, when an intruder tries to gain access, you have to have tough, reliable security system.

The SMARTair™ proximity system provides access control with the low cost and flexibility of an offline system, combined with the sheer physical strength of ASSA Scandinavian and Euro DIN standard locks.

The Stand-Alone version - Plug & Play - is an easy system with programmable cards. The management, with the offline version, happens through software, the programming is done by a portable programmer. When we speak of an "update on card" then the management occurs via the software, the first progamming  through the portable programmer, but modifications are brought in through the usercards and a network updater, which the users have to go through. Finally, there is also SMARTair wireless online: the combination of an autonomous lock that communicates wirelessly with a Hub antenna, connected to a computer administrator via the TCP/ IP-network allowing management on distance.